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    Properties Of Biochar Derived From Castor Plants

    In Latin America, Amazonian natives have been using biochar along with organic waste for centuries or even millennia to enhance the soil and alter its characteristics, creating thus highly-fertile patches in a marginal land. This ancient anthropogenic intervention in agriculture resulted in the long-term establishment of a healthy soil characterized by an increased content of stable organic matter and nutrients, a land known as “Amazonian Dark Earths” or “Terra Preta.”

    Biochar is a carbon-rich material with a porous structure, and it differs from charcoal and similar materials by the fact that it has a high fixed carbon content, minimal tars, and a high surface area. When used as a soil amendment, improves soil productivity, carbon storage, or filtration of percolating soil water. The important properties of biochar in relation to its use as a soil amendment are the surface area, porosity, electrical conductivity, pH, water holding capacity, and cation exchange capacity.

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