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    See the steps to register easily your business in Worldbiz24.

    1st Step

    You must be registered as a user of our site.

    2nd step

    Once you have become a user of our site, you can choose a business plan and start listing your business information.

    3rd Step

    Navigate to the control panel, where you can manage your data on our catalog.


    How to go step by step

    1st Step - How to Become a User

    To become a Worldbiz24 user, click the Register button in the header (top right) on all pages.

    Click on Add Business. Below Login, select the 3rd option Do not have an account?

    Step 2 - Register your business

    Once you have logged in as a user, click the Add Business at menu. First you will be asked to select a business package. Click on the package and it will show you all the available packages. To see what each package contains, click Show details.

    After selecting a package, start filling in the informations you will be asked for. All fields marked with an asterisk(*) are required, the rest are optional. If you make a mistake, do not worry. You can quickly and as often as necessary fix your business information from the control panel.

    Step 3 - Control Panel

    After you register your business, from the menu in Add Business, click the Control panel. The 1st tab of the control panel is related to your business views. There you see statistics from your business, offers and events.

    On the Business tab, you can view your entry statistics, edit your data (click Edit button), and see what your online business listing page looks like (click the View button). You can edit as many times as you want your items to be published online.

    On the Offers tab, you can list different offers of your business by clicking Add Special Offer.

    On the Events tab, you can register different events for your business by clicking Add New Event.


    You are now ready to start your listing on Worldbiz24!

    Contact :  Worldbiz24

    - email: worldbiz24@gmail.com